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Weltliche Lieder aus der Sammlung von Wiener Kantor Abraham Adler transkribiert und zusammengestellt von Isaak Loberan

Secular Songs from the collection of viennese cantor Abraham Adler transcribed and compiled by Isaak Loberan

From 1975 till 1993 Abraham Adler served as a cantor for the jewish community in Vienna. Born in 1916 in the austro-hungarian empire in the town Saraseu in Transylvania, Adler grew up in the Maramures region. He got his musical and religious education in Czernowitz. All his life he collected yiddish songs that had a connection to viennese folk song with it's dark humor. In 1996 Isaak Loberan recorded Adlers songs and transcribed them for his ensemble Scholem Alejchem. This book offers 12 songs from the repertoire of Abraham Adler.

The price of this book is 28 Euros.

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